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Public Relations

The Public Relations team tells the stories of the people, the work, and the value that the University of Minnesota delivers to the state, its economy, and its residents. We work with internal and external partners to communicate through the media and other venues.

News Service

What we do:

For more information about Public Relations, contact Chuck Tombarge at 612-625-8510 or To reach the News Service, call 612-624-5551.

Resources and Services

University News Service


Resources for Internal Communications

The Resources for Internal Communications provides University faculty and staff with online tools, strategies, and resources to coordinate, align, focus, and improve the effectiveness of internal communications at every level of the organization.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives works to identify, develop, and implement communications strategies in support of major presidential initiatives. Working collaboratively with senior leadership, deans, faculty, and staff from across the University, this function assists in developing internal and external understanding and support for the president’s primary vision.

For more information about Strategic Initiatives, contact Matt Sumera at 612-624-3302 or