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eCommunications - Enterprise Mass Email

ExactTarget to Replace Lyris

Lyris ListManager (Lyris) is being replaced with ExactTarget for sending mass email messages. Find updates about this transition on the ExactTarget service transition page.

Mass email discussion

If you'd like to discuss mass email at the University, a Google Group is available. This group is intended to serve the communications, technical and design staff who have a role in mass email. To join, visit the Mass Email Community of Practice Google Groups page. Note that this group also serves as a backup channel for communications to Lyris users in the event of an outage.

For Current Lyris Users

Limited information and resources for current Lyris users are still available on this site.

Choosing Mass Email

Alternative Communication Choices

Before deciding on mass email as the choice for any communication, units are strongly encouraged to use:

  • My U (available in May 2015, multiple levels of audience targeting)
  • Brief (systemwide audience with campus sections)
  • Events Calendar(s) (by campus with some calendars offering filters for targeting specific interests)
  • Listservs or Google Groups (opt-in based on interest or affiliation)
  • Websites (public)

If you choose to use mass email, you should have a clear understanding of the electronic communication needs of your own unit, as well as clearly defined roles for your communicators and support staff. Just as the presentation of your message is important in print communications and your web presence, it should be considered as important in your email. Consider these questions:

  • Who is responsible for writing the text of communications?
  • Who is responsible for the visual appearance?
  • What types of email can we brand, standardize, and create templates for?
  • Who is responsible for approving the text and appearance of specific messages?
  • Who is responsible for sending the message?

The answers to these questions can help you determine who in your unit will need to use a mass email tool.