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List Naming Convention

Note: this information is for users who are requestion or creating lists in Lyris, generally the unit's Lyris Contact. If you're not sure who your contacts are, email us.

All lists are named using organizational unit abbreviations, acronyms, or other short names. As lists may serve a broad purpose at the unit level or department within the unit, or a specific purpose, there is some flexibility in the convention.

Unit/college lists for broad purposes are named using only the organizational unit. Note that organizational units in these examples do not strictly follow the University's organization chart.

Standard: [ou1]
Example: cla

A general purpose list for a department within a unit or college uses an underscore to separate organizational units.

Standard: [ou1]_[ou2]
Example: cehd_fss

This convention may be extended for units or colleges with depth in their organizational units.

Standard: [ou1]_[ou2]_[ou3]
Example: urel_govrel_federal

Lists that serve a specific purpose within an organizational unit, such as a regular newsletter, are separated from the organizational unit by a hypen. If more than one word is necessary to describe the purpose of the lists, additional words are separated by underscores.

Standard: [ou1]_[ou2]-[purpose]_[additional]
Example: urel_uns-expert_alerts

Lists Using Foundation/DMS Data

Unit global external lists (unit GELs), for the use of Foundation data, use 'gel' as the purpose and otherwise follow the naming conventions above.

Standard: [ou1]-gel, [ou1]_[ou2]-gel, etc.
Example: cfans-gel, cbs_bmbb-gel

Lists Using Data Warehouse Information

Unit global internal lists (unit GILs), that utilize information from the Data Warehouse, use 'gil' as the purpose and otherwise follow the naming conventions above.

Standard: [ou1]-gil, [ou1]_[ou2]-gil, etc.
Example: hhh-gil, csom_alumni-gil


Exceptions to these naming conventions include the Foundation's Donor Managment System data, named global_external_list, and lists used for VIP mailings, which follow the convention vip-[purpose]. The global internal list, drawn from the X.500 directory and other sources, is named x500.