Mass Email Updates and Tips

May 7, 2015


In a recent conversation with the Office of the General Council, we learned that the mass email messages we send are not required to use a copyright date. There's no harm in including one, but there's no requirement to do so, either.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In case you haven't heard, that's the new name for ExactTarget.

Don't Send Spam

Use Content Detective with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to identify words or phrases in your emails that may cause them to be flagged by your recipients' spam filters.

To use Content Detective, navigate to your list of emails and check the box next to the email you want to test. Click the "Content Detective" button in the toolbar to scan your email and view a report of any problems and suggested resolutions. Fix as many of these flagged areas as you are able.

Read more about using Content Detective or view a list of potential spam trigger words.

Personalize Your Messages

You are able to use the fields in your data extensions as personalization strings in your emails. Navigate to your list of data extensions, select one, and click "View Data" to view your fields.

For example, if your data extension had a field named "First Name", add %%First Name%% to your email content as a placeholder for this value. Each recipient’s first name will be inserted in this location when you send. Note: check that your data extension's field names are accurate before sending. You can verify that your personalization strings work correctly before you send through Send Preview.