Template Builder, Web Style Tiles

May 7, 2015

Template Builder

A U of M web template builder for the Twin Cities campus is now available on the Our Brand website. The template builder generates HTML and CSS for the new header and footer based on a variety of options including:

  • Maroon or gold header
  • Custom template widths
  • Two small-screen search behaviors
  • An optional unit identification and navigation section with horizontal and vertical link orientations
  • An optional unit footer
  • A simplified required footer containing copyright statement, equal opportunity statement, privacy statement link, and optional "Current as of" date.

If you would like a Sass version of the header and footer,download the latest release on GitHub.

Web Style Tiles

Two style tiles for University websites are available on Our Brand. The U of M Homesite Style Tile was used to build the new TC campus home page. The Morrill Style Tile was used for the redesign of the President's website. Web developers systemwide are invited to use these style tiles on their sites. Work has begun to incorporate these style tiles into Drupal. If you have any questions, please contact urweb@umn.edu.

Note: The Homesite and Morrill style tiles were retired in 2019.