Drupal Lite, Search, Directory, Maps, Events Calendar

July 14, 2015

To the whir of window air conditioners, we're partnering on several web projects right now. Here's some of what's going on:

Drupal Lite

Being developed by the Drupal folks in IT, the goal of Drupal Lite is to create a platform that lowers the technical barrier for creating a Drupal site and allows for fast creation of U of M branded websites for site owners who have no Drupal technical knowledge. Initial availability is planned for fall.

Search and Department Directory

The search project I mentioned in last month's message has expanded. System campuses are jumping on board and we're looking at folding the redesign of the Twin Cities Department Directory (and possibly some system campus directories) into this project (raise your hand if you didn't know the directory site existed!). A survey is still the works and you'll all get it when it's ready.

Campus Maps

The Campus Maps redesign is moving along. We go into the usability lab with the new design in early August and launch is still planned for late August, in time for the new school year.

Events Calendar

The new Events Calendar is online! UR and the Ticketing Office (partners in this production) continue to work on enhancements and issues and appreciate the patience of all event contributors. If you have questions or would like to move over to the new tool please email events-calendar@umn.edu. Training materials can be found on the IT website: http://it.umn.edu/self-help-guide/events-calendar. Also, the old calendar can be found at events-archive.umn.edu. This archive will remain online for the next couple of months.