Calendar Updates

July 23, 2015

Thank you for using the new U of M events calendar. We wanted to send a couple quick updates:

  • Earlier this week we upgraded the system. This upgrade included bug fixes and new features. Among those are linking in the event description field and Google Maps are fixed (if you need help with a Google map on an existing event, please let us know).
  • We have also published documentation for how to use the system, you can find it online at the follow address (we will continue adding to this):
  • Please do not use logos, block Ms, or U of M wordmarks for images in your event owner profile or events. This breaks our brand standard of having one block M, one U of M wordmark, and no logos on a website.
  • As many of you have noticed, we are having issues with categories on the calendar. We are working to fix that and hope to have a solution in the next couple weeks.

If you have questions or concerns about the new tool, please email the support team at