Mobile Home Page, Search, Directory, TC Home Page

August 20, 2015

Mobile Home Page

We've made some updates to the TC mobile home page recently, adding new links based on search terms and feedback. A link to the mobile site has also been added near the footer on the TC campus homesite.

Search and Directories

A survey was sent to a random selection of students, faculty, and staff systemwide on Monday. The survey results will help shape the future of search and directories on all campuses. If you didn't receive a message and would like to take the survey, please do!

TC Home Page

Did you notice the (rather large) Come Curious animation on the TC home page recently? We're working on ways to make this space more engaging, and this was our first experiment. Here's what we noticed:

  • Come Curious had nearly 6,000 clicks, outperforming other homepage hero stories.

  • Clicks remained steady throughout the entire time it was posted.

  • 20% of clicks were from mobile devices. This is more mobile activity then we normally see with our overall mobile traffic being 14%.

  • The clicks resulted in almost 5,000 views of the video, increasing total lifetime views from 2,000 to close to 7,000.