Search, Driven to Discover, Subscription Hub, Photo Library, Maps

October 22, 2015

Search Pilot Testing

Pilot site testing and design for the U's new search interface is underway. Development will continue into November and we're hoping to launch and make the new code and design available in late December.

Driven to Discover Launched

This year's Driven to Discover campaign has launched and includes a comprehensive digital presence. Find out how you can engage with the campaign, take a look at the campaign microsite, see the commercials and ads, or check out the campaign on the U of M Facebook page, or @UMNews Twitter.

Subscription Hub

Does your unit produce mass email publications that people can subscribe to? Would you like to give potential subscribers another way to find you?

University Relations is beginning to gather information in order to set up a Subscription Hub web page for the Twin Cities campus. Simply put, this page will be a link farm—based on a few criteria, we will provide links to units' email subscription pages or their Google Groups.

Information and basic requirements for publications to be included on the Subscription Hub can be found here and the form to submit your email subscription(s) can be found here.

Photo and Video Library

University Relations is continuing work to replace the existing photo library and we're adding video footage to it. With the help of OIT, we're building the new Photo and Video Library in Drupal. We hope to launch the new site mid-December.

Campus Maps

The new campus maps website launched a few weeks ago. This site had been managed by University Relations for many years and has now transitioned to University Services. The new site features updated building detail pages that include new building photos, building hours, nearest parking, and a list of departments in each building.

The U Services web team continues to make improvements post launch. If you have comments or feedback about the maps, you'll find a feedback link at the bottom of the building detail pages.

Drupal Lite

IT Collaboration & Web Content Services is developing a new website creation tool for the University of Minnesota community: Drupal Lite. This tool will allow users to quickly and easily develop websites using professionally designed themes and page templates consistent with University of Minnesota branding.

It’s being created especially for users who do not have access to web-developer resources and is an ideal solution for those who want to create small- to medium-sized sites for research projects, events and student groups.

For the latest information about Drupal Lite, please join the team’s Google group. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to