Self-Help Guide, Survey, Multiple Profiles

December 10, 2015

Self-help Guide

Updates have been made to existing documentation and two new instruction sheets were added to the Events Calendar Self-Help Guide:

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Events Calendar Survey

Thank you to all who responded to our survey. Your responses and comments have been recorded and we are talking with AudienceView about the feasibility and next steps for adding enhancements to the calendar.

Survey Comments: Documentation, Student Groups, Private Events

Some survey comments were related to things that are already in place. If you're looking for documentation, it can be found via the FAQ link at the bottom of the calendar home page and in the Self-help Guide mentioned above. Registered Student Groups are allowed to use the calendar; see instructions in the Self-help Guide. As you create an event, you can keep it from publishing on the calendar by selecting "Private" in the "Connect This Event" section of the event creation page.

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Create More Than One Profile

Is it possible? Yes! Some units may benefit by having more than one profile, particularly when they have distinct audiences for their events. Athletics on the UMD campus is a good example. They created a different profile for each sport. When you go to the profile for men's hockey, you can easily see all the men's hockey events on that profile page. If you'd like to see all the women's basketball events, there's a separate profile that displays all the women's basketball games.

To create multiple profiles, log in by clicking on "Create an Event." You will see a "Change Profile" link in the top right side of the screen. Click that link to go to the Select Profile page where there is a "Create New Profile" button at the bottom of the page. (Documentation about all this coming soon.)

Thank you for using the Events Calendar!