Date Picker, Events in Multiple Windows

March 1, 2016

Date Picker

Yesterday we changed the search feature on the TC Events Calendar. We removed the search from the web header in order to couple it with a date picker. You can see the new search and date fields directly below the gray navigation bar. Until we have a working calendar widget, we think this will help calendar users more easily find events for specific dates!

Events Open in Multiple Tabs or Windows

Recently we've been getting reports from calendar users about strange behavior when they have more than one window or tab open to edit their events. When doing this, the event content seems to merge. Old event information will mysteriously overtake a newer event.


If you need to create a new event using the information from an event that has already been created, you should copy and paste the event content you want to reuse from the web browser into a Word doc. Close the window or tab with the old event to create a new event and copy the info from Word into the new event.

Don't have more than one event open in a tab or window at any time.