Search Survey and Mock Ups

March 30, 2016

Thank you to all who took the time to respond to the short survey about the search page layout. We took your comments, combined with the feedback we heard in the group meetings, and have some new mock ups to share with you.

These mock ups show the main search page and the various search results pages based on the filters we've identified. We're still working on options for unit search page layouts and features; watch for those mockups soon.

The new mock ups are shared with you in our Search Project 2016 folder on Drive. We've begun development for the new site based on these mock ups.

We also have a meeting on the calendar to work with the OIT Training & Usability Services staff to begin working on a Search and Search Appliance Self-help Guide. In this guide we hope to address one of the things that a few of you commented on in the last survey - ways to make our search results better.