Search Development Site

June 16, 2016

Work on is going well. We have a development site that is searching against the Twin Cities collection in the Google Search Appliance. This site replaces the site that we sent out in the last message.

The development site is a work in progress, of course, so keep in mind that the site

  • does not show design​,​

  • does not show final placement of all elements​,​

  • does not show final terminology​,​

  • has icons next to search results that we're playing with (tell us what you think), and​

  • has OneBoxes in the right column (depending on search queries) that will eventually house people search results and more.​

Please be sure to check the docs in the Search Project 2016 Google docs folder if you need a reminder about project plan or the page mock ups.

We're still shooting for launch this summer (hopefully July!). The current plan will be a soft launch of the new design and configuration, test, tweak, test some more, and then package for distribution to the rest of the University.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!