SMC and the Events Calendar, Categories, Enhancement Requests

July 12, 2016

Links in SMC

If you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud messages to link directly to your event listing in the Events Calendar, you must make a change to ensure your link will work. When entering the link, change the "Link to:" dropdown from "Website (http://)" to "Secure Website (https://)". See the attached image for reference.

Example of link text to Events Calendar from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


We are working to get categories configured for the calendar before the start of the school year. This will be a two step process. First we'll enable the categories on the event owner side so that you can go into your events to categorize them. Next we'll turn on the categories on the Events Calendar site so that visitors can filter events by category. More info on all of this coming soon.

Enhancement Requests

We have a number of enhancement requests that have been submitted to and discussed with the Events Calendar vendor. While progress in addressing these requests has not been as fast as we'd like, we've had some promising meetings lately and hope to have a roadmap for upcoming improvements soon. A few weeks ago we were shown a preview of some of the interface changes to come and they look like a step in the right direction. More info coming when we have it. Thank you all for your patience as we work on this!