Request for Personas, Desktop v Mobile, Homesite Usability

July 21, 2016

Request for Personas

With our recent usability studies, we've gained some insight into how prospective students use Twin Cities websites. We'd like to continue to expand our understanding of visitors who experience multiple TC unit websites, ultimately looking to create journey maps that represent our most frequent visitors.

In order to accomplish this, we're asking you to share any personas you may have developed for your website(s). Please send your persona(s) to, or share them with Be sure to indicate which website and unit they were designed for and if you'd be willing to have your persona(s) shared with people on this list.

In the spirit of sharing, here are some of the personas used for the TC homesite redesign in 2015.

And along with personas, we'd also like...

Your Mobile v Desktop Stats

To further inform our view of how people interact with our sites, we'd appreciate any anayltics you can share that show how many of your website visitors were using desktop, tablet, or mobile in the past year. (Other informative stats, such as top search terms, are welcome as well.) If you can, please share (Google doc or sheet preferred) with Include the URL for the site.

See TC homesite top search terms and device usage.

Homesite Recommendations from Usability

Based on usability with prospective undergrads last fall and prospective grad and professional students this spring, we are looking at make some changes to the U's homesite. Some of these changes are underway, like updates to search and the keymatches. We're also developing a plan for expanding content on the homesite beginning later this fall.

See the Usability Summary doc for combined findings from prospective undergraduate and prospective graduate and professional students.

Photo and Video Library Feedback

If you use the U's Photo and Video Library, we'd like your feedback. Please visit the site and hit the feedback link on bottom of the site's homepage.