Multiple Prices or Ticket Types, Categories and Presentation Types

August 18, 2016

Events Calendar Issue with Multiple Prices or Ticket Types

We've discovered an issue on the Events Calendar for events that have more than one price or have multiple ticket types. The text that describes the tickets is not displaying during the registration process and may cause confusion for registrants.

The vendor is aware of this issue and is working to fix it as soon as possible.

If you have this type of an event, please consider updating your event description according to these suggestions:

For events with multiple FREE price names

In your description, let people know there is an issue with registration and advise registrants to call/email you with their registration information/answers to questions. You can then compile that information and send to for us to do the registration on the back-end.

For events with multiple PAID price names

In your description, let people know there is an issue with registration. Describe what price name goes with which price so that people are able to register online. They will see the price(s) when they go through the registration process, but will need to use your description of the prices to determine which price to choose.

We will let you know as soon as this issue has been resolved.

Announcing Categories and Presentation Types

The Audience filter was replaced on 8-16 with a filter called Presentation Types. On 8-17, we added two dropdown fields for Categories and Subcategories. The categories chosen were based on feedback (when the calendar project began) from event owners.

There are a few things you need to know and take action on before we publish these filters on the Events Calendar website.

What you need to do

For your current and new events—Help populate the new filters. Please select at least one Category, a Subcategory, and a Presentation Type. These filters are located in the lower right area of your event creation page, where the Audience filter used to be. You are able to choose one category and one subcategory per event. Subcategories are optional.

You may see an error. Current events are retaining their Audience filter selection and will show an error if you edit your event without selecting a Presentation Type. Simply select a Presentation Type to bypass this error.

​What we'll do

On August 25, assuming we have enough categorized events, we will make the Category and Presentation Type filters live on the Events Calendar website. The Audience filter will disappear.​