Categories, Presentation Types, Homecoming Microsite, and more

August 31, 2016

Categories and Presentation Types

The Categories and Presentation Types are now live on all campuses Events Calendars. These filters display in the left column when a person is on the "All Events" page or a search results page. To let people know that they can filter, we've added a graphic to the calendar home pages in the left column that says "See All Events / Filter by Category" and links to the "All Events" page.

If you haven't already, please go in and add a Category and Presentation Type to your event(s).

Note About Updating Events

If you update any content in an older existing event, you may get an error if you don't select a Presentation Type.

Homecoming Microsite

Do you have any events related to Homecoming on the TC campus? If so, please add the keyword "homecoming" to your event so it can be pulled into the Events Calendar Homecoming microsite. This site will be featured on the TC home page as we get closer to Homecoming. The site configuration isn't complete yet, but when it's done, you'll be able to see and direct people to the site here:


We are still experiencing some errors in the calendar system and the vendor is working to fix them. If you get a 502 (or any) error in the calendar, please let us know by sending a message with the type of error and the time of day that it occurred. Include a short description of what you were doing, if possible. The more reports we receive, the easier it will be for the vendor to fix the issue.