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Originally sent to the Communications Collaborative (C2) Group
August 31, 2016

We want to amplify your stories! Please see below for specifics.

New Student Welcome—Social Media

Share photos you capture at College Day. Send photos to

Student Experience Stories

Using the University's editorial calendar as a guide, we aim to tell great stories in the coming weeks about all aspects of a positive student experience. Share stories for consideration on, social media, and outreach to news media. Please send content to the story sharing form.

Campus Climate

Share stories, as well as opinion or "perspectives" pieces, to feature on the Campus Climate website. Please send these to

Remember to tag your "campus climate"-related events on the main events calendar. They will automatically feed to the Campus Climate website and may be highlighted in the Campus Climate email that goes out to more than 800 people weekly.

Please share the following blurb or link to the story with your internal audiences.

Religious observances at a public university: How does a public university balance the needs of students, staff, and faculty who profess a wide variety of religions, as well as no religion at all? The U has a policy on religious absences for employees, and faculty are asked to make reasonable efforts to help students navigate and avoid course concerns when religious observances conflict with academic requirements. Read here for more information.

Examples of the Best the U has to Offer

President Kaler is seeking stories about students, staff, and faculty who personify exceptional leadership, overcoming adversity, working in local or distant communities, and making a difference. Send content to the story sharing form.