Directory Update, Search, HTML5 Video, Resources

September 8, 2016

Online Directory Update

As part of the 2016 Search Project, we are updating the current Department Directory. Beginning in late September we will be asking units to update their listings and submit them to University Relations to be entered into Drupal. The new Directory will continue to be a stand-alone website, but will also be a filter in the new We hope to launch the new Directory by the end of this year.

To find out more about the Directory project, watch for an upcoming email to all faculty and staff and announcements in Brief and on MyU.

Speaking of Search....

Our Search project ran into a speed bump recently, but we're back on track and hope to launch the new sooooon. If you'd like to be the first to know when the site launches and provide feedback, be sure to join the Search at the U Google group.

HTML5 <video> Autoplay Issue

Often on the TC home page, we will use a short autoplay video in our hero image space. Some recent testing revealed that our autoplay video was not working for some devices and platforms.

More information and options for providing workable solutions can be found in the <video> on iOS and Android Google doc.

Handy Resource

"Can I Use" provides browser support tables for various web technologies. Type any element or style in the box at the top to view its support across mobile and desktop browsers.

Redesign Podcast

A Responsive Web Design Podcast—University of Tennessee-Knoxville

What’s different when teams do their second responsive design? Leigh Shoemaker and Michael Purdy describe their collaborative process for the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.