Events Calendar Tips and Tricks

September 27, 2016

We hope the following tips and tricks will be helpful to you as you work with the calendar. We plan to send these kinds of messages from time to time, so let us know if there's anything you're curious about.

Account Profile and Event Owner Profile

Account Profile

Use the “Log in” link in the upper right corner of the header. The first time you log in to the calendar, you will be prompted to create an account profile. This is your personal profile. This is how the system recognizes you and ties you to the event owner profile you create for your unit.

Event Owner Profile

Use the “Create an Event” link to create or log in to your event owner profile. This profile must be set up with your unit’s information; this profile must not be created using a person’s name or personal account information.

Logging In

If you intend to register for an event on the calendar, use the “Log in” link in the upper right corner of the header. If you want to create an event or view your event owner profile, log in by using the “Create an Event” link.

Multiple Tab Troubles

When creating events, do not open the Events Calendar in multiple tabs in your browser. Doing so can cause separate event information to merge and create all kinds of issues. If you need to see more than one event at a time, open them in completely separate browsers (such as Chrome and Firefox).

Event Location

Room Reservation

Setting an event location in the calendar does not reserve a room or space for you. You must make space reservations outside the Events Calendar.

Your Locations

Locations you establish for the events you post do not have any ties to locations used by anyone else in the calendar. The list of locations you create for your events is unique to your event owner profile.

Changing Locations

Once you’ve saved an event with a specific location, you cannot change the location. If you change a location on one of your events to another location that you’ve already established, that will change all of your events to that new location. If you need to change a location on a saved event, change the event with the old location to "private" then contact to delete it while you build a new one.

Maximum Capacity

When setting up a location for the first time, always put in the maximum capacity for the venue, even if you’re not allowing or expecting that many people at the event. You can’t change the maximum capacity on an event venue once it has been saved. Maximum capacity is not event specific—it's related to the location.

If you think you may want to oversell tickets or registrations for any event in a certain location, you should exaggerate the maximum capacity when you set it up. You can then control the actual number of people attending when you specify how many people can register or get tickets by managing those numbers in the registration information.

Changing Home Link

We will soon change the link in the main navigation of the Events Calendar from "Home" to "Featured Events."

Getting Help

The Events Calendar is not associated with the system. If you have a problem, please see the FAQ or the self-help documentation or contact the calendar support team.