Search Progress

November 15, 2016

Progress continues on the new search interface. Here's what's going on...

Launch of

As you probably know, the new interface launched in October. If you haven't had a chance to try it yet, please take a look and send feedback our way.

Usability Testing

We are going into the lab on December 5 and 6 to test the new interface. At that time we will also have a unit interface configured to test and, if time, will extend testing to the online department directory site in development. A link to the usability results will be posted to this list.

Unit Search Configuration and Documentation

Unit search is currently being configured and tested. Documentation for various ways to use the new configuration is being written and will be published in a new self-help guide on the OIT site. We hope to be able to make the new interface available to units in Jan/Feb.


We are doing some ongoing work with OIT on people search results. Some enhancements depend on how LDAP is configured and the changes we may be able to make there. Upcoming, we hope to be able to simplify and possibly standardize department names, and we're working to add all staff/faculty affiliations for individual people search results to reflect all the appointments any individual may have.

Additional filters

The search currently includes Web and People filters. We're also working on adding a Locations filter that would pull in results from the Campus Maps site and an Events filter that would pull in results from the Events Calendar. Once the new department directory launches (probably in January), that filter will be added as well.

An Unknown Error has Occurred

You may have noticed this error when initially using the site. This issue has been addressed and should happen infrequently, if at all.

Improving Results

This is something we all want and we're taking steps to do what's in our power to make results better. We'll be looking at this in usability, we're documenting the things search managers can do to improve their site results, and we're working on the Google Search Appliance to make the best use of the features it has to offer.