Search Launched, Directory Progress

December 7, 2016

Search Launched

In October, the new search interface was launched on If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look and use the feedback link to send us your impressions.

This week we're in the usability lab to test the new interface. We're also testing the unit version of the interface which we launched on the Campus Climate website last week. Join the Search at the U group to receive updates with more detail about search and our usability results.

Directory Progress

Work on the new online department directory is coming along. We have a lot of data to input! Our hope was to launch in December, but January is looking more realistic. Details about the project can be seen, in tiny print, on the current Directory Update Project page. A screenshot of a directory listing is attached to give you an idea of what the new listings will look like.

Neutraface on the Web

We've been getting some questions lately about using the Driven to Discover font, Neutraface, online. Neutraface is the University’s official font and may be (but is not required to be) used on websites when purchased through the vendor, House Industries. The University does not have and will not be getting an enterprise license for this font.

Department of Spanish directory example.