Department Directory Launched

January 11, 2017

We’re excited to announce that the new Department Directory is online at

The new Department Directory improves upon its predecessor by offering more complete contact information for units and staff including unit US mail address, staff email addresses, links to faculty bios, and more. The Department Directory has been incorporated into the new interface (see the “Departments”  link along with the “Web” and “People” search links below the search field) and, unlike the previous directory, it’s searchable. Update requests can be made from each unit listing page.

More information about the Department Directory, including instructions for submitting listings and updates, can be found on the Update Directory Listings page, linked to from the site’s home page. New listings and updates are still being entered into the system. If you don't see your unit listed, please read the instructions on the Update Directory Listings page to learn how to initiate the process.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this effort!

~ Kathy Jensen and the U Relations Department Directory team

P.S. The new design will soon be available to all TC campus units. Join the Search at the U Google group to be among the first to hear about availability for your website.