Save Images from a Google Doc

April 17, 2017

If you use Google docs regularly and include images in the docs, you may have had the need to reuse an image from a doc only to find that you can't just right click on it to save it.

This can become a real hassle if you have a number of images in a doc and can't or don't want to recreate them all to use elsewhere, like on a website or in a PowerPoint.

While the solution to this problem isn't as one-step as it could be, it's good to know that it can be done. Here's how...

In a Google doc, go to "File" and select "Publish to the Web." If you want to limit access to what you're about to publish, click on "Published content and settings" link and require people to log in.

Click "Publish" and ta-da! You get a link to a web page where you can right click and save your images.

Example of "publish to web" screen in Google docs