Add the New U Search Interface to Your Website

June 12, 2017

A new search interface is now available and recommended for use on all websites. Usability testing shows that the new interface improves usability and leaves people with the impression that their U search results have improved!

What's New

An explanation of what's new and different with this interface can be found within the Search Self-Help Guide—Introducing the U's Search Results Interface.

Search Pilot Sites

A number of sites have the new search interface configured. Do a search on any of these pilot sites to see their work. Please note that these sites use result biasing. This allows search results from the unit's that match the search terms to appear at the top of the results, but also allows campus results to appear below the unit results. This kind of display is optimal for allowing visitors to find what they're looking for, particularly if it's not on the unit's site.
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University Relations
Campus Climate

Tabbed Search Users

If your site currently uses tabbed search, you will need to replace it with the new interface by February 2018. Beyond that date, we can't guarantee tabbed search will continue to work for you.

Search Self-Help Guide

A Search Self-Help Guide has been published to guide web developers through the steps to set up the U's search interface on your site(s).

Help Sessions

To facilitate the move to the new search interface, a number of help sessions will be available. The first sessions is tentatively set for 1:00 on July 11. Watch the Training and Events website for session confirmation and place; more sessions will be added.

Timing the Switch with New Tech

Google is changing the technology used to run the University's search. To streamline the move to the new technology, University websites should convert to the new search interface no later than March 2018.

More Information

To find out more about the new interface and the steps to add it to your site, see the first sections of the Search Self-Help Guide. Please discuss this change with your web developers in order to plan on a time to move to the new interface. If you have questions about the search interface, contact