Enhance Your SEO Skills

Communicators Forum Presentation
June 12, 2017

On June 8, Kathy Jensen gave a presentation to the Communicators Forum about SEO. The presentation, along with the notes, is attached to this blog post.

The presentation includes information and examples for the following:

  • Why there's a difference between U of M search results and Google search results
  • Proper use of the metadata title tag
  • Proper use of the metadata description tag
  • What the metadata canonical tag is and how to use it
  • Using the canonical tag along with 301 redirects
  • Best practices for URL structure
  • Why sites should be on umn.edu for SEO
  • Key factors related to SEO in Google
  • What semantic search is and how you can influence it
  • Creating structured data with schema.org
  • The U's new search interface
  • Keymatches as a supplement to SEO
  • How to get your developers and content contributors onboard with SEO
  • SEO tools and resources

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have questions or would like more information, feel free to comment on this post or email Kathy at goldie@umn.edu.

Download the PDF:

PDF icon enhance-your-seo-skills.pdf