Branded Templates for Google Forms

....and for docs and slides.
December 8, 2017

University campuses are now able to create branded Google forms. There are two options available—one maroon and one gold.

To access a branded template, open your Google Drive and click on the blue "New" button in the upper left corner. From there, mouse down to "More," then to "Google Forms," then to "From a template."

Google forms instruction

This should open the Google template page that includes the two branded forms. (If you don't see them, you might be in Google's General form folder. Just click on the University of Minnesota link to see the forms.)

Example of Google forms.

Simply choose the form you'd like to use and begin editing. No need to make a copy; these are templates and they cannot be overwritten.

Templates are also available for Google docs and Google slides. These templates are branded for each campus, so if you open your Drive folder on the Crookston campus, you'll see the templates with the Crookston wordmark.

Example of Google doc templates

Example of Google slides template

You might also see a branded Google sheet. This template is going to be removed. Branding a Google sheet does not work well and we suggest you don't use it.