Folwell Web Theme End-of-Year Status

December 18, 2017

The Folwell Web Theme is taking shape. Over the past few months, we've been working to tweak and perfect the first round of theme components. 

While developing the horizontal navigation, we found ourselves needing to compare two Drupal modules to determine which offered the most stable, well-supported solution and which was most accessible. We tested Nice Menus against Superfish and determined that Superfish, with its most recent updates, would be the best choice. We're now in the process of finalizing accessibility functions for this menu and will put it through one more round of testing before deeming it ready for prime time. Work on the responsive menu is nearly complete as well.

There are a number of small adjustments that we're continuing to make as we test these components on fleshed-out web pages. For example, we'll be adding another font to complement Merriweather and to give units the ability to make their headings or other important content stand out in the crowd. Design and development for accordions and tables has also begun. You'll soon be able to see how the theme components look when we launch the example pages we're building for Folwell.

Please note that the Pattern Library has not been updated recently. Updates will be made when components have been finalized.