Looking for Driven to Discover Stories for 2018/19 Marketing Campaign

March 7, 2018

In this, the 13th year of Driven to Discover, we are looking to feature U of M students, faculty and alums who are taking discovery to the next degree. People who are passionate about their areas of research, about making a real difference in the lives of Minnesotans, and who are even taking unconventional methods/going to surprising "places and extremes" to improve lives. We also plan to tie those pursuits back to actual Minnesotans who directly benefit from those discoveries.

The stories that most inspire us, and best tie to areas of relevance to Minnesotans (criteria attached), will be featured in all types of ways (TV, radio, online video, podcast, social, etc.) as part of a fresh, dynamic new iteration of the D2D campaign. Here's a video that conveys the spirit of what we're hoping to capture.

Please send your stories by March 23 to brand@umn.edu and include:

  • the names of the faculty, students, alumni, and/or community members who are involved in the discovery
  • any information you have about their passion and interest in this area
  • unique approach to the work
  • headshot (if available)

Please send any questions to Ann Aronson (aronson@umn.edu) or Laura Johnson (lkj@umn.edu).

Thank you!