New: Marketing Cloud Content Builder Branded Templates

April 4, 2018

Content Builder Templates

The Mass Email Templates page on the University Relations site now includes links to guides to help you find and use branded templates in Content Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC). The templates are for all U campuses.

Content Builder was released last year and is SMC's new drag-and-drop interface for creating and editing emails. If you haven't moved from Classic Content to Content Builder yet, you should be pleased when you do. One great new feature for images in Content Builder is automatic padding, mobile resizing, and the ability to add alt text without having to code.

New Accessible Button

A new Outlook-compatible button has been added to the templates. The previous button was inaccessible in many versions of the Outlook email client.

Use the button “as-is” with the “Reply Here” text. If you need to update the text on the button, you may need to adjust the button width in the HTML. If you’re not sure how to do that, the previous version of the button is available in the branded template folder.

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Requests and feedback on the guides, templates, content items, and footers can be sent to