Increasing the U of M System’s Media Presence: New Communications Tools

Media/Expert Guides
April 26, 2018

In our third blog post featuring our new communications tools, today we share with you how the University Public Relations team uses Media/Expert Guides.

Media/Expert Guides

The University Public Relations team utilizes various publication’s Editorial Calendars for insights on their editorial focus. Created for advertisers, Editorial Calendars can help us get a leg up on strategic media pitching.

We go through the Editorial Calendars and highlight editorial focus areas that potentially align with our faculty’s subject matter expertise and/or research interests.

We then work with our communications colleagues to identify faculty and researchers to be part of our Media/Expert Guides. Given some of these media outlets have long lead times, we try to send the Media/Expert Guides well in advance of the the publication date.

While we don’t always know precisely what stories are being considered, our hope is these Media/Expert Guides will lead to story ideas or prompt the writers to reach out to our experts to help inform the stories they do plan to write. In other words, we are strategically placing our experts before journalists.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about Editorial Calendars and Media/Expert Guides.