Folwell Web Theme Update

July 2, 2018

The work on the Folwell Theme continues, but the timeline has been changed to accommodate usability changes and various design updates.

In June, University Relations conducted user research in the Usability Lab to look at desktop and mobile navigation. The testing identified some mobile navigation concerns that need to be addressed before the Folwell Theme can be rolled out more broadly.

Additional time is also being devoted to the Folwell Theme design to ensure it reflects the University's commitment to brand and best practices.

We do not take changing the timeline lightly and are working as quickly as possible to produce a final product.


The Folwell Theme will be available for Drupal 8 in the fall.

Our Committment

We are tasked with and dedicated to providing a web theme that is representative of our best work. This means we need to ensure the Folwell Theme reflects our commitment to best practices in regards to user experience, accessibility, content strategy, and brand recognition. Our overall goal is to provide the resources needed for you to quickly build more consistent, yet individualized websites.

For more information about the Folwell Theme, visit the Folwell Theme website. If you have questions about the Folwell Theme project, email If you have questions about Drupal 8, email to open a ServiceNow ticket.

Kathy Jensen—University Relations
Steve Nguyen—Office of Information Technology