Are Animated GIFs the Future?

August 3, 2018

Probably not, but a recent article makes a case for how you can use animated GIFs not just to get a laugh but to enhance your message. GIFs can show transformation, illustrate steps, and help engage your audience.

When you’re sharing information, a well-designed animated GIF can highlight a key research point or act as a visual FAQ. It can help you show cause and effect, make comparisons, or demonstrate change.

For example, here’s a visual representation of income distribution over a period of time.

Animated GIFs are also suited for internal communications. If you need to get a point across quickly, they can help grab the attention of those viewing your intranet, presentation, or social post. And once you have their eyes, the chances of keeping them go way up.

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Please don't forget that animated GIFs can create barriers for some users and should be created to be accessible to all users. Here's info about how to do that: