Tune in to Internal Communications

October 1, 2018

We try to cover all the great stories and successes coming from the U from all angles, right? And there’s a lot to think about—from research to sports, the U offers no shortage of PR opportunities. But what about when it comes to sharing internal messages to bolster employee engagement within the U?

We know from research that when managers share messages with staff, they’re better received than messages coming from someone else. As communicators, we're in a great position to help managers understand their important role in helping employees feel engaged.

Here are some quick tips managers can use to help build more engaged employees:

  • Set up staff meetings and 1:1 meetings with each team member

  • Maintain an open-door policy

  • Pass on information from the U that you think your team wants to know about

  • Spend time with the team (lunches and outings are usually welcomed)

  • Help employees set some professional goals (and check in often)

When internal communications work well, employees end up being so in tune with the [organization] they'll begin to tell the story for you—and they'll take pride in doing it. - Forbes Agency Council, Best Practices for Internal Communications

And, here are some ways we all benefit from improved internal communications:

  • We all work more efficiently when we know what’s going on

  • There’s a feeling of connection to the U’s mission and strategic goals

  • We learn what’s available and going on at the individual level (like how policies and budgets affect us and our team)

  • Our culture of communication, overall. becomes better and more informed

In the end, internal communication works best when you have an intentional focus on employee engagement. Find out some other great ways to boost engagement.

Interested in learning how University Relations is working to boost internal communications across the U? Email Meagan Pierluissi