What's an Exclusive?

November 2, 2018

In the increasingly competitive news cycle, there are benefits to offering a journalist an exclusive.

So what’s an exclusive? A media exclusive is when a company or institution gives a journalist the permission to “break the story” first. Story examples could be a new partnership for the University, the appointment of new leadership or groundbreaking research.

Journalists welcome exclusives because they offer the opportunity to report on stories before they appear anywhere else. As a result, their stories can drive subsequent coverage from other outlets.

Exclusives are also a good way to build relationships with journalists as you work closely with them to provide all the information they need to report their story.

It’s important to remember that offering an exclusive doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily get coverage. The content, as well as events driving the day’s news cycle, are key.

At University Relations, we pitch and work closely with journalists on exclusives to strategically increase awareness of the people, the work and the value the University brings to the community.

If you have further questions about media exclusives, feel free to contact Katie Ousley at katieo@umn.edu or by calling 612-624-2449.