Inside Driven to Discover: Laura Palombi’s Passion

January 2, 2019

Laura PalombiThe Driven to Discover campaign tells the stories of how the work of faculty and staff at the U of M reaches across the state and influences all our lives. In this story, Laura Palombi is inspired to help others and finds meaning in her work to improve public health through pharmacy.

Whether you’re on the front lines of critical research like Palombi’s or working in one of the many colleges or units in another capacity, we’re all part of making discoveries like Palombi's possible.

Palombi says she’s found a career where her passion could help communities we serve:

"I always hoped that I would find something that I could look forward to doing every day that would allow me to be engaged in public health and engaged in pharmacy … When you can help one person recover, you don’t know what kind of impact that will have on an entire community.”
- Laura Palombi, MPH, MAT, PharmD, assistant professor in the U of M College of Pharmacy, Duluth

See Laura Palombi and Lucien Gonzalez’s full story.

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