UR Seeks Commencement Communications Information

April 5, 2019

University Relations has traditionally taken the lead in developing a systemwide press release highlighting details of the upcoming commencement ceremonies throughout the University. We will do this again this year.

To make collecting this data as easy as possible, we have created this Google Form. If the college/unit you support has a commencement ceremony, please take a few moments to fill out this form. In order to stay on schedule with developing and distributing the press release, we ask for all responses by Friday, April 12.

Additionally, the form includes a field to provide any story ideas you may have that are tied to ceremonies or the tremendous graduates who will walk as part of them.

Here are just a few examples of graduation stories we’ve helped gain visibility for in the past:

We invite you to submit stories with similar broad appeal to z.umn.edu/storysharing

Commencement on the Events Calendar

Every spring commencement activities are highlighted on a Commencement microsite from the Events Calendar.

When you post your commencement events on the calendar, add the keyword "commencement" and it will automatically appear on the calendar's Commencement microsite.