How to Repurpose Press Releases for an Internal Audience

April 15, 2019

The U's Public Relations team is always looking for stories to share with local media outlets. Two useful tools are press releases and media advisories, whose topics can sometimes be repurposed for an internal audience. To decide if a press release or media advisory would be interesting to staff, faculty, or students, ask yourself: Is this an event they would like to attend? Does this story highlight faculty, staff, or student work?

Press releases can be repurposed to reach students, faculty, and staff in various ways:

  • Submit to Brief. This weekly internal news digest is sent systemwide. It contains updates from all campuses, including upcoming events, campus highlights, and news.
  • Submit to MyU. This portal provides staff, faculty, and students with essential resources pertinent to their roles at the University. The MyU landing page links to upcoming events on your campus.
  • Share stories and news in department or college internal newsletters

Curious about other tactics to share a message with an internal audience? Contact to learn more.

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To learn more more about Public Relations at the University, contact Katrinna Dodge with University Public Relations at