Folwell Theme Continuous Improvement

April 22, 2019

The first round of components was released in Drupal 8 for the Folwell Web Theme a few months ago. Work has continued to design and develop new components to add to the theme on an ongoing basis.

To manage this process, the Folwell Governance Committee has been established. This committee, made up of a Steering Committee and a Working Group with staff representation systemwide, will work to select new components for development, research the best practices and accessibility for the components, design and develop, perform usability and accessibility testing, and ultimately add new components to Drupal 8 and the Pattern Library.

Check out the new components

New components will be added to the theme in batches. The current batch is under review this week and can be seen on the Folwell website. You're invited to review these components and contribute feedback and/or vote on the components that you think will be useful for your website(s). Feedback gathered this week will help inform next steps in finalizing each of the components. 

University community members are invited to suggest components at any time. Component requests will be reviewed as they are received.

Visit the Folwell website to find our more about the Folwell Web Theme governance process, to see the batch of components currently under review, and to request, comment, or vote on components.

For ongoing information about the web theme, join the Folwell Web Theme Users Group.