What’s in the basement of Morrill Hall? A great communications tool.

May 6, 2019

Deep underground, squeezed between the office of the University of Minnesota historian and a couple of vending machines, is a room with no identifying features that you need a keycard to access.

No, it’s not a top secret facility. It’s the University of Minnesota Twin Cities’ broadcast studio.

The studio not only offers the opportunity for our researchers and experts to connect with national and regional outlets for live or prerecorded interviews, it also allows for University Relations, colleges and units to showcase faculty research and expertise in new ways and prepare faculty for interviews. The studio also provides the opportunity to offer on-camera media trainings.

News organizations that have used the broadcast studio include MSNBC, which recently interviewed Christopher Uggen, and Canada’s CTV News, which interviewed Leigh Turner.

For more information, see the broadcast studio info sheet.

If you’re interested in learning more about the broadcast studio, taking a tour, or hosting a media training, reach out to the University Public Relations team at unews@umn.edu.