Where in Minnesota can we best tell our stories?

Help University Relations connects with reporters in Greater Minnesota
May 24, 2019

In addition to its successful Driven to Discover marketing campaign, the University’s public relations staff has made a point to meet with reporters around the state and share with them stories about the University’s impact on all Minnesotans.

This summer, the public relations office is pursuing this strategy even more aggressively. Over the next several months, public relations consultants plan to hit the road and connect with journalists around Minnesota. They hope to bring with them some great stories about the positive effects of the University’s education, research, and outreach mission on communities across the state.

But they need a lot of help from communicators to make this effort successful. In the days ahead, please think about the types of stories you want to share with all Minnesotans, and in which parts of the state they will be most relevant. If you have a particularly insightful research project, or an outreach campaign that is producing great outcomes for a local community, or an alumna who brought the skills she learned at the University back to her hometown, please let the public relations office know.

The goal is to identify communities where the public relations team can share the good news. If you have an idea about a Minnesota city that needs to hear about the University’s positive impact there, please contact Devin Henry, the U's Greater Minnesota media relations consultant, or your University Public Relations contact.