Become a pro at audience Q&A: Benefits and timing

June 26, 2019

This is part one of a series on audience Q&A.

While not all presentations have them, a post on Ragan’s PR Daily describes how an audience Q&A can provide some insightful information, including if:

  • your messages stuck
  • your audience was concerned about or resistant to your ideas
  • your audience needs to know more.

If you’ve decided to do an audience Q&A, one of the first things to consider is when you will take questions. Options include:

  • Throughout: This approach works well for informal formats, training seminars, and many business presentations.
  • In chunks: For example, you give the audience an opportunity to ask questions after each major section of your presentation.
  • At the end: This option can work well with larger audiences. You can also announce the amount of time available for questions at the end of your presentation.

Regardless of which option you decide on, it’s wise to let your audience know early in your presentation when you will take questions.

If you have any questions about audience Q&A, reach out to University Relations at