How to Make Google Calendar Work for You

August 22, 2019

Google calendar can help make scheduling events much easier. If you are unfamilar with Google calendar, here are a few tips to get started.

  • Color-code different categories of items, or create separate color-coded calendars. For example, choose different colors or create different calendars for work, school, events, etc.
  • Make calendars visible to others, but keep privacy in the details. In each calendar’s settings, there are “Access permissions” dropdown lists. Choices are “see only free/busy” and “see all event details.” This way, there is an option for privacy and people can still find you.
  • Meetings with multiple people are beyond difficult to schedule, but now multiple people’s calendars become visible at the same time with the “Meet with…” search bar. Search the names, and a list of the busy and open parts of their day will be visible to schedule in.
  • Google calendar also has nifty keyboard shortcuts:
    • Scroll to previous date range: k or p
    • Scroll to next date range: j or n
    • Jump to today: t
    • Create event: c
    • Delete event: backspace or delete
    • Search: /
    • Views:
      • Day: 1 or d
      • Week: 2 or w
      • Month: 3 or m
      • 4 Days: 4 or x
      • 5 days: 5 or a

To learn more, PC Magazine has a post on 12 Google Calendar Tricks You’re Probably Not Using.

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