Want to promote an event? Know your options!

September 27, 2019

Marketing is the best way to promote events and sell tickets. There are a variety of ways  communicators can market events to their audiences using internal and external communications channels here at the U of M.

Below are recommended methods from our office on how units can promote events.

Post it on events.umn.edu

The University of Minnesota has a website that showcases events for all systemwide campuses. The Events Calendar is a great place to post a campus event and provide details to an audience of students, staff, faculty, and the general public. Visitors can search the site by category and date to find an event.

Promote on social media

There are myriad organizational and personal social media channels available to all of us to help share details about events. Social media can be a great way to amplify event information and reach a targeted audience. Social handles and hashtags help the target audience demographic find the event. For more social resources, visit university-relations.umn.edu/resources/social-resources.

You may also consider tagging the central U of M social accounts with information about your event: Twitter @umnews, Instagram @umntwincities, Facebook @UofMN. Tagging these accounts does not guarantee amplification, but it helps identify your event for potential amplification.

Share with the campus community

If your event has a connection that may create interest in the campus community, Brief and MyU may be an option for amplifying the event. Brief submissions can be sent to brief@umn.edu. MyU submissions should be those that are open to internal audiences and, preferably, free.

If the event is more targeted toward students, consider submitting it to the Graduate School e-newsletter and the Undergrad Update.

Consider engaging with media

Media outlets are occasionally interested in covering events that are topical and noteworthy to their audience. You’re welcome to reach out to University Public Relations at unews@umn.edu for guidance on how best to engage media around newsworthy events that highlight a prominent figure of the University or that support a current University initiative, or to conduct the outreach yourself to contacts you have developed or researched.

Other ways to share with external audiences

Newspapers will occasionally share timely local events with their readership, either online or in print. Outlets that offer this service often invite submissions through an online form or direct email. Events typically placed in these event calendars are public and have a larger community appeal. It is ultimately up to the editors to decide whether or not to include your submission.

Want to share with your staff and faculty? Download the PDF version here.

If you have questions about different tactics, contact University Relations at urtc@umn.edu.