Changing up your media relations strategy?

Four questions to consider.
October 11, 2019

If you are considering changing up your approach to media relations, here are four questions to consider as you begin laying out your plan.

  • What are my goals? If your goals are changing, your strategy should likely change with it. Let’s say you’re hoping to increase applications to your professional degree program. It’s likely you’ll want to include trade media in your outreach plans, as that’s what professionals in the field will be reading.
  • What is my audience? Your goals often dictate who your audience is. Your audience can be limited to certain professions, geographic areas, or other demographics.
  • What media outlets should I target? Once your goals and audiences have been updated, the next is to focus on which media outlets you want to engage. If you’re hoping for broad outreach, outlets that have large coverage areas or statewide reach might be your target. However, depending on your goals, regional, local, or specialty outlets might better help you achieve them.
  • How should I reach out to reporters/outlets? You, as a communicator, have a variety of tools in your tool box that range from pitching to Research Briefs. However, each tool has news items that fit it best. Research Briefs are great for more consumer-friendly research that was published during the last month. Expert Alerts are a fit if you’re looking to highlight expertise around a trending topic in the news. Pitches are great for direct engagement with a reporter.

The University Public Relations team is always happy to chat about a unit’s overarching media strategy or about ideas for media outreach. You can reach the team through our general email at, and feel free to reach out to your representative directly any time.