Editing: The Most Important Step

November 4, 2019

As the semester heats up, our work lives may get busier and important details may be forgotten or overlooked. Here's one to keep in mind: At the end of any written project, hand it to a colleague to edit. Editing is important because it keeps your brand smart and credible while helping you tell your story well.

Each new pair of eyes that sees your writing will:

  • Help keep your release, story, or pitch free of grammatical errors, on a logical path, and flowing consistently
  • Ensure your written message matches what you meant to say
  • Help condense your writing to improve its efficiency 
  • Tell you if your content is too technical or geared to insiders
  • Ask questions or present an alternative perspective you might not have considered.

If you have questions about the editing process, feel free to reach out to the University Relations public relations team at unews@umn.edu.