Honoring U of M Veterans

November 11, 2019

Four portraits: David, Holly, Lis, and Ian-Mathew. I am a veteran. I am Block M"My 10 years of service shaped who I've become today. I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Both left some scars, physically and emotionally, but they also led to strength and self-discovery. Today, I am happy, healthy, excited to be a mom, and proud to be part of the U of M.”

-Lis Devin, University Health & Safety employee, Air Force and Army veteran, graduate student, and mother

The U of M has a diverse community of staff, faculty, and student military veterans. In recognition of their dedication and service to our country, University partners have come together to highlight the various identities veterans bring to the campus community while dispelling misconceptions of what it means to be a service member.

The Twin Cities campus alone employs more than 900 veterans, who bring skills and experience learned from their service in the military. Additionally, almost 1,000 veterans are studying in colleges and programs across the University, transitioning from extensive training to build on their education. While their stories are unique, there are commonalities in their interests, experiences, and ambitions. Groups across campus have come together to highlight those identities and provide other campus veterans with resources and ways to find community.

If you’re a veteran, please share your story to be part of this ongoing effort to capture and highlight our staff, faculty, and student veterans. To learn more about how to identify and tell stories from veterans in your college or unit, please contact Meagan Pierluissi.