Sharing Our Stories with the Legislature

December 6, 2019

The 2020 legislative session is two months away, and University Relations is considering how best to make the University's case to lawmakers at the Capitol.

This year, the PR team aims to support our legislative request by sharing more stories about the University’s impact on the lives of people around our state. By collecting and sharing personal stories, we can put on full display the wide geographic reach and deep personal influence the University has had on many Minnesotans. It’s important to show our positive work as we ask legislators for funding and support.

That’s why we’re looking for individuals with great U of M stories to tell: the student whose undergraduate research is setting her up for a high-impact STEM career, the alumnus whose degree made his dream job possible, the local business whose work with U of M experts helped improve its bottom line.

As communicators, we know these stories exist because we tell them every day. This spring, let’s make a point to ensure lawmakers see them.

If you know of anyone who would like to tell their University story during the legislative session—through an op-ed in their local paper or by speaking to the media about issues important to the U of M—please reach out. Contact Devin Henry at or 612-624-4552.

Learn more about the University’s 2020 legislative request.