Update on Marketing and Communicator Training

Since its launch in October 2019, the Marketing and Communicator Training blended-learning series has been up and running with communicators—and those who perform communications tasks—from across the University.

More than 200 communications professionals have viewed the three introductory videos, which showcase how the University approaches the key areas of brand, media, and government relations.

Communications professionals then move on to the in-person workshops, starting with the foundational prerequisites: Brand Ambassador and Strategic Communicator. Almost 100 communicators have joined in these highly participatory sessions to date.

From there, these workshops become available:

Brand Ambassador and Strategic Communicator are prerequisites to enrollment in the above advanced courses. If you have any problems with enrolling, please contact internalcomms@umn.edu. If the course is full, please still enroll on the waiting list, as it gives us a better idea of the interest level.

Everyone who watches the three introductory videos and attends, either in person or through remote access, five workshops can receive a certificate verifying their commitment to reinforcing the University’s brand standards and communications best practices.

There have been several requests for additional course sections. University Relations pairs with communications professionals across the University to deliver the training, and is working to schedule more workshop dates in the coming months.

If you have questions about the training series, please contact University Relations.