New Website Launched

We have a new and reimagined, the homesite for the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. Strategic decisions for the new site were based on extensive research, including web trends, analytics, user experience, and stakeholder analysis.

On an ongoing basis, University Relations collects and reviews our website data to identify opportunities to enhance and improve. The data for the new homesite were collected between 2015 and 2019. The findings showed how users engage with the homesite, where they click, what they want, and how they look for college and degree information.

Some key findings:

  • Prospective student-focused pages are among the site’s top clicked links. In fact, 53% of all traffic on the homepage is the result of a prospective student inquiry.
  • News, despite being in the top position on the homepage, is ninth among homepage links, with only 2.5 percent of users viewing.
  • Most people use “search” to find what they need. Search accounts for nearly 40 percent of the total traffic to the homesite.

The website’s design aims to inspire prospective students to apply, and to inspire all audiences to stay involved. The site is focused on guiding prospective students through the process of choosing the U of M Twin Cities, answering their questions, and quickly sending them to the resources they seek.

The site:

  • Conveys the brand in a fresh way.
  • Provides a clear path to information.
  • Helps prospective students complete tasks important to them.
  • Gives prospective students a sense of what they’ll experience when they attend the University of Minnesota.

The site does this through different strategies.

  • Branded content - Text and headings throughout convey our brand’s voice to increase emotional engagement.
  • Social media - Social media content is integrated with relevant task-based content.
  • Colleges and Schools - Short descriptions for each college and school help prospective students understand our offerings.
  • Program finder - An easy-to-use tool helps prospective students explore all majors and programs.
  • News integration - News is integrated throughout the site to support our content during each visitor’s time on the site.
  • News landing page - A robust news page welcomes interested audiences, who are driven there through a number of channels.
  • For Journalists - An easy-to-navigate resource for the media includes an expanded Experts Guide.

Ongoing analytics data will be used to ensure the site is meeting audience needs, and we will make adjustments as needed.

Site visitors are encouraged to explore the new site and provide feedback.